I’m Delisa. 

I help women burn wild. 


How do I do that?

I’m a Spirit Channel/Medium with 25 years experience working with the tarot. I use these skills to help clear out mucky energy so you can tap into your Creative Flow when ever you want.

I also write about and help women wake up to the fuckery that our society does to to keep women small and zombie-fied. 

Why is that awesome?

When you are rocking your Creative Flow, you can manifest whatever it is that your soul is singing out for. There is something within you, that only you can create.

Who is this for?

I work with women who are ready fan the flames of their hearts and set the world on fire. Women who are ready to embrace the feral wanton parts of themselves and be fully present in the world.


Feral Love Songs For Wicked Women

We sing through broken bones & broken promises.

We sing with sharp words & voices forged in fire.

We sing magick that heals, dark and cleansing.

We sing the stories of our ancestors pulsing in our veins.

We sing the world whole again.

Even when we’re not singing at all.